What if Personal Finances Were a Family Priority

What if kids did not start out from an early age saying; “I want?” What if parents at the grocery stores never gave into children who said; “I want Trix,” “Give me Tony The Tiger” or “I want chocolate Pop Tarts?” What if we did not train our kids to make a fuss every time they wanted something, what if we never gave into to such behavior?

What if Americans saved more of their paychecks in greater percentages like the Japanese consumers? What if the average person did not have 3.2 credit cards? What if the average consumer did not have 1.68 times their annual income in short-term debt? What if interest rates on credit cards were less?

What if the standard of living was higher and the cost of living less? What if we taught our children and teens to be weary of impulse buying? What if the people planned for the future? What if all citizens had financial advisors, a plan for the future and a legitimate strategy, one they were willing to endure to get there?

What if the average American did not go out and buy a new car every 3.2 years on average? What if personal finances were a larger priority in the average American Family? What if everyone started today and considered this?

What if there were fewer bankruptcies in the United States than auto accidents with injuries? What if we turned the tables on fiscal irresponsibility in the American Family and then made our own government follow suit? What if. . . I dare to ask? What if? Think on this

Source by Lance Winslow

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