Food Safety Considerations and the FDA, FTC, CDC, and USDA

The reality is that we have some of the safest food in the entire world here the United States. Our food and food processing industries are completely over regulated, and it is amazing that we have 300 million people in our country, who eat three meals a day, and lots of snack food in between, […]

Really Delicious Vegetarian Wedding Food

Lots of people are vegetarians these days, and even if the bride and groom are serious carnivores, they may well have many wedding guests who abstain from eating meat. If the bride or groom happen to be vegetarians, naturally they will want to plan their wedding menu accordingly, but even if they are not, it […]

Celiac and Gluten Free Food – Fad or Reality

Gluten is a protein, not normally harmful, and found in wheat, rye and barley. It is entirely common in foods across the world. Unfortunately, some people cannot tolerate gluten. Doing so will lead to serious health complications. Celiac Sprue, or Celiac Disease as it’s more commonly called today, is an autoimmune disease of the small […]

Does Your Food Contain Heavy Metals?

What do lead, mercury, and arsenic have in common? They are all ingredients used in most artificial food coloring. For example, FD&C Red Number 3 contains lead and arsenic; while FD&C Yellow Number 5 contains lead, mercury and arsenic. Studies have shown that lead and mercury are not only absorbed when ingested, they are also […]