Hibakusha Don’t Eat Pop-Tarts

Price: (as of – Details) Set in the sun-bleached landscape of the Inland Empire, Hibakusha Don’t Eat Pop-Tarts follows a disturbed young woman’s descent into the death throes of suburban complacency. Throughout a series of increasingly gruesome hallucinations, Darla struggles to come to terms with decay and an acceptance of the dichotomous nature of Southern […]

Don’t Let Me Down(Load)

Pop…crack…whisp…hisssss… hisss…hissss “Hey…hey…hey…hey” BANG!! “Jude, don’t make it bad. Take a sad song….” Some of you may have no idea where I am going with this clumsy onomatopoeia laced introduction. But for many, you know exactly what these sounds of yesterday are. So before I move on, let’s take our digital generation readers through a […]

Fast and Easy Breakfast Ideas – Don’t Start the Day Hungry

Most everyone has heard at some time or another that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With hectic work and school schedules, many of us do not heed this advice and skip this important meal. The meal itself is one thing; what it contains is another. A good breakfast is not sugar […]