High School Wrestling: Diet and Supplements

The nutritional plan that a wrestler follows can be a factor in his performance. Different foods supply different nutrients to our bodies. Although food is the most important element in your nutritional plan, supplements can also be a beneficial addition. Some wrestlers desire to lose weight. Some wrestlers do not need to lose weight. Regardless […]

Say NO to Ritalin! The Indigo / ADD / ADHD Child's Diet

It's the dreaded Child Split Personality Syndrome – you've witnessed it but are you aware that you could possibly be the culprit of it all ?! Unknowingly of course. Let me set the scene. Breakfast which consisted of bagels, with butter and jam, a bowl of sugary filled cereal and a glass of artificial fruit […]

Alkaline Diet Weight Loss – Does it Work?

When you stress alkalizing foods, you are choosing whole foods that are high in nutrients, but low in calories. Most fresh fruits and vegetables are alkaline-forming. On the other hand, practically all junk foods are acid-forming, from chocolate bars to pop tarts. In the next few paragraphs, I will briefly outline four specific suggestions that […]