How I Turned My Life Around and Started Losing Weight at an Astonishing Rate

It may seem like a tall tale to a lot of you, but I’m here to tell you that if you make a few adjustments to your daily routine, you can start seeing much better weight loss results than what you might see if you stuck with the status quo. To illustrate, I would like to share a quick story with you.

I was talking with my friend Jeremy a few years ago about his weight loss program. He was really enjoying attending his weight loss classes at night, and he kept raving about how much of an inspiration his instructor was to him. Though, I’ve seen pictures, and I’m just going to guess Jeremy was biased because he’s probably highly attracted to this woman.

Anyway, I was curious about what they could possibly be teaching him at these classes that he went to every Thursday night, so I asked him about it. He lit up, and started giving me a run down of everything he could remember from the lesson plans from the past month.

One of the things he said that caught my attention was that everybody in the class had been keeping logs of what they had for breakfast every morning, and then they would read those logs out loud to the entire group.

The first thing my mind thought of when Jeremy said this was “Man, I wouldn’t want to share a log of my breakfasts with the rest of the world. I can think of about 10 days when I just had a couple Pop Tarts in the morning because I used the excuse that I was running late for work, and simply didn’t have time to make a decent breakfast.”

This marked a major turning point in my weight loss journey. I learned from Jeremy that I needed to make sure I got a good breakfast in me each morning so I can stimulate my metabolism, and prime it for the meals I would throw at it later on in the day.

The concept seemed so foreign to me at the time. I used to skip breakfast thinking I was doing myself a favor by skimping on the calories. However, it was just the opposite. Basically, I was confusing my body so much that it didn’t know what to do with the foods I consumed for lunch and dinner.

Please, don’t fall into the same mindset I did. Sometimes less isn’t always more.

Source by Jason Danks

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