Good Grief Where is the Hurricane Relief?

One thing weather watchers are wondering during this wicked western world weather breaking tropical hurricane season is where in the world is the relief and when will it end? “Good Grief Where is the Hurricane Relief?” said a recent Weather Channel watcher and he was not talking about FEMA, Mr. Brown or even looking for water, pop tarts or gasoline. He was not a looter really and he certainly wasn’t Scooter Libby, he was justifiable perplexed by the perpetual punishment of potential more powerful problems.

As he watched Hurricane Beta grow from tropical depression 26 to a sizeable storm and then hurricane, he wondered will this weather wreaking wicked and radical rage ever wither?

As we have all seen with Wicked Wilma willfully washing out weather records we to can only wonder if this is the new norm of nasty negative events. Indeed the Weatherman is opening at the box office and appears to be a block-buster, as crowds bash down banners, blitzing to barrage the theatres, just as Beta blasts ashore and locals batten down the hatches of the boats barreling toward their bay for a bad beating.

Hurricane Beta is here folks and this is another reminder that this Tropical Hurricane season is hardly over. Think on this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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