Fat Kids

Fat Kids are a huge problem in many countries but it is rampant in the United States. Usually child obesity is a result of poor parenting. Parents who are obese themselves tend to have fat kids.

Kids health can be maintained by healthy eating habits and regular exercise, including weight lifting. Parents should really take interest in their kid’s health by encouraging them to exercise. Usually, overweight parents also have overweight kids and this is a real shame.


Being overweight is not only unhealthy, but it will also negatively impact the kid’s self esteem, confidence, and social life.

Healthy Lifestyle:

I strongly believe in leading a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising regularly. However, I did not have any good male influences when I was growing up so I did not discover the benefits of weightlifting and exercise till I was 23 years old. I really regret not starting a fitness regimen when I was a child. There are also parents who are not fat, but don’t pay attention to their kid’s diet. They give in to their kid’s desire for junk food, spoiling and fattening their child at the same time.

Role Model:

You as parents should set a good role model for your kids by leading a fit lifestyle. Encouraging your kids to participate in weightlifting and cardiovascular exercises will only lead to benefits later in life.


Parents should be responsible and set a rule when it comes to junk food. Kids tend to have a really strong sweet tooth so it is really up to the parents to regulate the foods that they eat.


Do not worry about weightlifting stunting the growth of your child. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself lifted weights as a child and he stands over 6 feet tall today. Weight lifting builds muscles and strengthens the bones. You would rather have your kid to be known as the buff kid in school rather than a fat kid right? If you have a girl, weight training and exercise will allow her to remain in top shape through the rest of her life. Girls tend to have self image issues regarding their weight, especially in their teens. So developing a fit physique through weight training will help them feel great about themselves.


Imagine the level of confidence and self worth that your kids will have if they regularly weight lift, exercise, and eat healthy.


As great as weightlifting is it can be dangerous if it is done unsupervised. Make sure your kids do not workout by themselves. Always be there when they are in the weight room.

Good Parents:

Be a good parent and encourage your kids to feel great about themselves by showing them the wonders of exercise and weightlifting.


Learning about proper nutrition is crucial for preventing kids from getting fat. Parents should know that not all calories are the same. For example when shopping for breakfast cereal, parents should choose a cereal that is high in fiber, protein, and low in sugar.

What to Avoid:

Definitely avoid sugary cereals such as fruit loops, frosted flakes, and cinnamon toast. These types of overly sweet cereals have a huge impact on blood sugar levels and can cause obesity in the long run.

Junk Foods:

Pop tarts are also junk and should be avoided. It is made of pure sugar and refined carbohydrates. Instead, make your kids eat a nice sandwich made with multi-grain bread with natural peanut butter and jelly.

Peanut Butter:

Speaking of peanut butter, please avoid brands that have hydrogenated oils in them. These oils will wreak havoc on you and your kids arteries. Get natural peanut butter instead.

Meal time:

For lunch and dinner, make an effort not to feed your kids fast food such as Mcdonalds, Burger King, Taco bell, etc. These fast foods are high in fat and have preservatives in them. Try to make a healthy homemade meal such as chicken breast served with rice and vegetables or even pasta.


Soda and sweets are also the cause of getting fat. Sodas contain a lot of sugar and corn syrup. If your kid does not want to give up soda, opt for diet soda instead. If your kid is addicted to sweets such as candy and chocolate, you must use a firm hand in breaking this bad habit.


Not only do these sweets contribute to weight gain, but they also cause cavities. Trips to the dentist are not fun so parents should makes sure that their kids don’t develop a sweet tooth.


This is also a cause of child obesity or fat kids. Some kids like to overeat but parents should make an effort to break this habit. Even if it means taking drastic measures, parents should be responsible and prohibit kids from going to the fridge multiple times. Just by making simple changes in diet alone, you as parents can prevent fat kids.

Source by Michael Yg Kim

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