Current Wedding Trends for 2012

Wedding desserts, music, and decor are just some of the places to find the current trends. These new twists on tradition allow the bride and groom to truly put their own personal stamp on their wedding.

Some of our favorite trends are:


Wedding cakes are still the norm, but we’re seeing delicious variations.


Cupcakes are no longer a simple treat just for kids’ parties. Gourmet flavors, and stunning icing decor make these so grown up, but still so yummy. Display these confections on a cupcake tower or on a tray at the dessert table. You can even wrap them individually for guests to take home as a sweet favor.

Cake pops

Who would have thought that cake-on-a-stick could be so elegant? These bite sized bits of yumminess are all the rage.

Dessert buffets

Having a hard time choosing one dessert to serve your guests? Then why not give them some options. You can serve different types of cake, or mix it up with tarts, pastries, chocolate covered strawberries.


Brides no longer feel the need to do something just because it’s “tradition,” but are choosing to change things up.

Some common traditions and their modern counterparts are:

Not seeing each other before the ceremony

Who doesn’t want to have that special moment when the groom sees his bride in her wedding gown for the first time? But you don’t have to wait for the walk down the aisle. Many couples are choosing to share this first moment, and a few private moments of just the two of them, before the ceremony. Make sure your photographer gets some shots of this special moment.

Wearing a white wedding gown

Although many brides still choose a white or ivory gown, more are choosing to incorporate color. From full color gowns (red is becoming a popular choice) or just touches such as in a sash, waistband, insets, and embroidered details, the search for non-white wedding gowns is becoming easier.

Walking down the aisle to Wagner’s Wedding March (Here Comes the Bride)

For their ceremony music, more and more brides are choosing selections from popular music. Why not play a favorite love song, such as Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve, Everything I Do (from “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”) by Bryan Adams or The Luckiest by Ben Folds Five, for your walk down the aisle? For brides who prefer a more traditional sound, selections by the Vitamin String Quartet are a fun option. VSQ gives a sophisticated twist on rock and pop music by transforming the songs with classical instruments. Instrumental versions of rock classics, including Aerosmith’s “Angel” or Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” sound beautiful for the prelude, processional and recessional music.

Wearing a long veil

Sassy. Trendy. Retro. Classic. What best way to describe birdcage veils and fascinators but with all of the above? Chic and modern, they are very flattering as they draw attention to the face.


Non-allergic, long lasting (they’ll never wilt!), and eco-friendly, many brides are going with non-floral flowers for their wedding decor.

Paper flowers

Poppies, dahlias, roses, callas – these and so many more types of flowers can be easily be made from tissue or crepe paper.

Ribbon flowers

Folded and pleated. Looped and gathered. These are just some easy techniques to make stunning blossoms out of ribbon, including rickrack, grosgrain, wire-edge ribbon, satin, lace or eyelet trim.

Brooch bouquets

Bejeweled pieces of art. Incorporate personal pieces that hold a special sentiment in your heart – a grandmother’s locket, pins and brooches collected from vacations, rings, pendants, or other pieces of jewelry.


This unassuming fabric can be ultra rustic or dressed up and is being used in various ways at weddings. Most notably in decor (table runners, chair sashes, and ceremony aisle decor) and in accessories (favor bags and ring pillows). The possibilities are endless.

Source by Jean Neuhart

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