Appliances That Work (Well)

When you’re young and just starting out, don’t you wish for a magic wand to take you to a wonderful time in the future when all your mistakes and successes in choosing appliances are known in advance? Well, you just have to ask a person who’s been there.

The best coffee pot we ever bought was a Black and Decker Thermos Coffee Maker.

It cost about $70.00, made great coffee and what’s more, kept it hot for hours. Coffee tastes bitter when it cools off and is re-heated.

The best steam iron we came across is the German brand, Rowenta. Their top of the line model puts out steam like a car wash, yet is light and easy to use. I recommend using distilled water instead of tap water which contains minerals.

I could never understand why light weight in a vacuum cleaner got top priority. The insides of most vacuums reveals thin plastic motor mounts and poorly designed ar flow passages. The latest Dirt Devil upright with the removable dirt canister works pretty well, but doesn’t have the quality of a Electrolux. Regular maintenance is necessary for a long life. Recently, Hoover offered a bagless model called “Fold Away”. Terrific suction for only $69.00.

The wide mouth GE toaster is a favorite in our house. Every type of bread and muffin can fit inside it’s big throat. Hand sliced bread, slices of pound cake, half rolls, cut-up Italian bread and pop tarts all fit in easily. Ours is ten years old with no problems.

VCR’s present a myriad of choices to the average consumer. Digital recording and TV’s are here but much too expensive. You can still buy a Panasonic VCR with hi-fi audio and three speed recording capabilities for $100.00. Recently the price of DVD recorders have come down. These recorders work well recording TV programs for later viewing. Make sure it has the capability of zapping past the commercials. Larger sized TV screens do not necessarily mean more enjoyment by the viewer. The human eye uses only the narrow center portion for sharp viewing. A viewing distance of ten feet requires a TV screen of only 25 inches for optimum viewing. Buy the best one you can afford – it’s worth it. If you must have a new flat TV, the DLP version of the LCD screen is the brightest. Sony makes a good one in the 42″ size for about $1400.00.

Buying a new computer can be frustrating. Everyone has different priorities, some of which look great in the ads but have little effect on every day use. Important qualities to look for are size (smaller is better), memory (at least 512MB RAM and tech support. Built-ins should include a DVD/CDRW and a modem. I have had good luck with Hewlett Packard for many years but all the top computer names are excellent. Don’t feel you have to upgrade to the latest/greatest every two years – the computer is a tool for many uses and will still work well many years from now. The new LCD monitors with the computer built into the base is a great space saver.

We are all familiar with Teflon coated cookware, but the greatest invention is the vegetable steamer in stainless steel. Check out the new versions with clear glass lids – the ones from Germany are terrific. Stainless steel cookware can last a lifetime without burning the food and still look like new. The Teflon coated cookware still excels in woks, frying pans and bake ware. A heavy grade of aluminum is recommended for spreading the heat evenly and is worth the extra expense.

Mainly, try to remember that quality appliances work better, are easier to use, last longer and are cheaper in the end.

I’m tired of products that are being sold

As newer and better — than what I’m not told.

And when their low price is ‘under wholesale’

I’ll bet that story is not the whole tale!

Someday I think I would fall over dead

If once I bought something and came out ahead!

Source by Kenneth C. Hoffman

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