A Quiche – What Is It Exactly?

There are many restaurants and cafes that serve the somewhat mysterious food item called a “Quiche”. So what exactly is a quiche? A quiche is an egg open pie, or tart or flan. It’s very easy to make and you should feel free to use your imagination by adding additional ingredients along with the eggs. Quiche Lorraine is made with eggs and bacon, but if you prefer, you can use salmon or tuna. A nice healthy quiche can be made with your favorite vegetables, such as spinach, leeks and/or tomatoes. For the pie base you can choose from whole wheat flour or whole meal flour.

Making A Quiche

To make an egg and bacon quiche you first need the pie pastry, which you can buy to save time. Now you need four eggs, milk and/or cream and a few bacon slices. A variant can be made adding onion slices and grated cheese. To top off your quiche (and also to make it look pretty!) you can add tomato slices. You simply need to heat your oven to 400°, and while it’s heating, unroll your pie pastry into a pie dish and prick it in several places with a fork. Crack the eggs into a bowl, add the milk, the bacon, any of the additional ingredients that you may like, the grated cheese, and salt and pepper. If you want to use onion slices, fry them first until they are soft for more flavor. Pour the quiche mixture over the pie pastry and decorate if you wish with the tomato slices. Lower the oven dial to 300°, and pop your quiche into the middle of the oven for a cooking time of 35 minutes.

Once the quiche is cooked, take it out of the oven and leave it to cool before removing it from the pie dish. A quiche can be eaten either hot or cold and goes great with a side salad, coleslaw or it can be eaten all on its own. Small individual quiches are a good idea for a picnic and that way you can try out making them with other ingredients besides bacon.

Bottom Line

Eating healthy food is an important aspect of achieving that healthy lifestyle that is so very important, especially nowadays. By giving your body the proper nutrients it needs to be and stay healthy, you are helping to build a foundation that will help support your healthy lifestyle.

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